Dačice Carmelite Convent   

This is a beautiful richly ornamented two-manual instrument with pedals in the Carmelite Sisters' chapel in Dačice. It is of an unusual type with two fronts built by Václav Pantoček of Dačice. The restoration was begun by Mr Dušan Doubek from Jihlava, but owing to problems with his firm, the order could not be completed. We had to go over all this work, because it was not clear what was what and to what extent it was ready. There was almost no documentation, individual parts of the organ lay in piles in the choir. We began to work in the spring, when it was still very cold. During the work we came up against a whole series of problems with the parts which should have already been restored, but in fact had not been. So, for example,part of the action was still broken. The work was completed after a year, and the specification of the organ is as follows:

Compass C – c''' Sliding Coupler

Principal 4´

Octave 2´

Copula major – wood

Copula minor – wood

Flute 2´ - wood


Main Instrument:

Principal 8´

Bassoon 8´ (wood, open)

Salicional 8´

Fugara 4´

Mixtura minor

Mixtura major

Quinta minor

Octave 2´

Octave 4´ (rear prospect)

Subbass 16´

Octave bass 8´

Superoctave bass 4´